Friday, December 23, 2011

International Ramsden's Christmas Vacation

Seven months after purchasing tickets we were so excited to finally go on our trip down under.   So....after more than 20 hours in airports and on airplanes we finally touched down in beautiful, WARM Brisbane Australia.  Uncle Brent, Uncle George and Bailee met us at the airport to wisk us away on our Australian adventure. 
After we dropped off our luggage we went to the beach and to a little wading pool with the kids to unwind and relax.  But were quickly chased away by a big dark rain cloud (which was to be only the first of MANY rain storm on our trip)

After dinner that night Uncle George got out his guitar and we all sang Christmas songs together.

Fun with new cousins!

The next day we Corrumbine Animal Sanctuary.  Peytons favorite part was riding the train.  Mom's least favorite part was being pooped on by a nasty little bird, which they say is good luck.  But else would you say to make something like that a good thing!

 We got to see lots of Kangaroos and Peyton love petting them and seeing their little Joeys in the pouches.
 Sydney got to hold snakes and a baby crocodile. 

Haylee got to hold a reall Koala, which she said was very stinky.
 Scott got a free mannie and peddie. Courtesy of his niece Courtney.
On our last day in Aussie we went to Courtny's house and swam in her backyard pool.  The girls had so much fun swimming and listening to the Kookabura's laughing in the trees.  Although our trip in Aussie was short we had so much fun seeing our family and getting to spend some time with them.